Susan Welsh

Freelance translator,
German-English and Russian-English
Editor, Copyeditor, Proofreader

Native in American English

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Dear Potential Client,

Why should you hire me for your job, when there are many fully bilingual translators in the German-English and Russian-English language pairs?

"It is salutary to remember that the majority of English mother-tongue applicants for translation posts in the European Commission fail because of the poor quality of their English."
— S. Hervey et al., Thinking German translation, 2002

I bring to your job more than three decades of experience in writing, journalism, and editorial work of all kinds, as well as—of course—translation (freelance from Russian and German since 2008).

My translation specialties are political and economic affairs, psychology, mental health, and history, but my 27 years as an editor of a weekly news magazine have given me broad experience in many fields. I have done all kinds of translation jobs, еxcluding highly technical material. General financial/business texts are not a problem.

I also offer the service of editing English-language works written by non-native speakers of English, for publication in the United States or Great Britain. My primary focus is psychology, but other topics may be considered.

How I will handle your job.

Yours truly,

Susan Welsh

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