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I specialize in editing academic/professional English documents written by non-native speakers of English (29 years of experience). My primary fields of expertise are psychology, politics and government, economics, and history. Other topics may be considered. I do not edit papers in the physical sciences, engineering, or IT. I have no training in statistics, so I will not check your statistical work.

My hourly rate is USD 42.

To save my time and your money:

  • Please specify American English or British English.
  • Do you require copyediting to a particular style manual, such as that of the American Psychology Association (APA)?
  • Terminology: It is helpful to supply a list of any technical terms that you know to be correct, but that might confuse the educated layman (me). For example, in psychology, the term "safety behavior" has a technical meaning that is different from the everyday use of these words (in fact, it means the opposite).
  • References: I strongly advise that you use either the MS Word "references" feature or a software product such as Endnote to format your references. This ensures that they will be consistently styled the way your journal wants them, and therefore they will not require editing by me. Please specify whether you want me to copyedit the references and to check URLs.
  • Please supply illustrations, tables, and figures for my reference, even if you do not want me to edit them.
  • Since I am a Russian-English and German-English translator, authors who are native speakers of those languages may find it helpful to include relevant drafts and terminology in those languages, in case any unclarity arises.
  • As always, I appreciate being able to consult with you if I find something unclear.

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