Here is my profile at, the top web portal for translation. The site has lots of useful features for translators and their clients. One of them is the Term Search.

Useful links for buyers of translation

"Translation: Getting It Right: A guide to buying translation," Chris Durban's internationally famous booklet, now in its second edition.

Also in Russian: Что нужно знать о письменном переводе: Памятка заказчику

And German: Übersetzung: Keine Glücksache: Eine Einkaufshilfe für Übersetzungsdienstleistungen.

Useful links and tools for translators

OmegaT is a free, open-source, multi-platform CAT tool, produced and maintained by a great group of volunteers.

Universal Cyrillic decoder. Paste wrongly encoded Cyrillic text into the box and the decoder will translate gobbledygook into readable text.

German and German-English Forensic Psychology and Criminal Law

Bundesministerium der Justiz. Searchable database, German and English, including major legal documents.

EUR-Lex. A searchable database of EU law. Includes side-by-side bilingual versions of legislation in EU languages.

Juristischer Informationsdienst. Searchable database, in German.

KrimLex. A searchable database for terms in criminal law, in German.

Russian and Russian-English Psychology

Национальная психологическая энциклопедия. National Psychological Encyclopedia. Searchable. Russian monolingual, but some of the dictionaries in the database include English translations.

Психологический словарь. A psychology dictionary by Oleg Konorkin, with useful links and other information. Alphabetical and thematic listing of terms. Not searchable. Mostly in Russian.

Психофизиология человека. E.V. Tryphonov's encyclopedia of human psychophysiology, psychology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, science. Arranged alphabetically within each topic. Not searchable. Russian-English-Russian.

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