My experience in psychology translation and editing

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My most significant experience in psychology translation and editing:

  • I am a regular freelance English-language editor for Psychology in Russia: State of the Art. This journal is published by MGU. Most of my work with them involves editing of articles written in English by native speakers of Russian. If there is a Russian original, I check the English against the Russian.

  • I am the regular translator of articles for the English online selection of articles from the German quarterly journal Verhaltenstherapie. The articles are on various aspects of cognitive and behavioral therapy. I have worked with them as a freelancer since 2010.

  • I contract with individual psychologists to translate their articles written in Russian or German, or to edit articles written in English by psychologists who are native speakers of Russian or German.

  • 2015-2019: Freelance translator (from Russian) for various journals published by Taylor & Francis, Inc., including Journal of Russian & East European Psychology.

  • I translated a book (from Russian) by Marek Wnuk on Pedagogy of Trauma, which is directed at foster parents and caregivers for children who have suffered trauma.

  • I translated a book (from German) by the German psychologist Thomas Binder, titled Ego Development for Effective Coaching and Consulting. I finished it at the end of 2016, and the author is arranging publication of the English edition.

  • I was the editor/reviser of a textbook (from Russian) by Samad Seyidov (of Azerbaijan), The Phenomenology of Creativity: History, Paradoxes, Personality.

  • Some requirements for optimal work in psychology translation

    I have found that in book translations in this field, it is indispensable for me to have access to PDFs of sources used by the author, whenever possible. This is necessary not only for correctly rendering quoted material that was originally published in English, but also for acquiring the correct terminology used by the source. It is also very important for me to be able to correspond with the author when questions arise and to have reasonably quick replies, so that queries can be answered as we go along. Saving queries to the end wastes a lot of time and results in lower quality.

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